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Cancellations / Missed Appointments / No Show


We of course understand that sometimes appointments have to be cancelled if an emergency occurs or circumstances outside of your control happen. In such cases we do politely ask that you give us at least 24 hours notice where you can and where possible as we have a waiting list of customers.


We reserve the right to charge a fee of £15.00 for appointments that are missed, customers do not show or are cancelled within less than a 24 hour notice period payable prior to any future booking.


Appointments which are 30 minutes late (or more) will in most cases require re-scheduling and a missed appointment fee of £15.00 will apply.


Dematting Policy


We expect minor matted areas of fur and coats as part of the usual grooming service and please note this takes a lot of work to undertake and ensure your pet is comfortable and happy. We will always do what is appropriate for your dog and will assess each dog on an individual basis. If we feel that after this assessment that the best course of action is to remove and clip the fur completely and this can be achieved on the day we will discuss the procedure and cost with you. In such cases where we feel your dog will become stressed or anxious by this we will refer you to your vetinary practice for further advice and consult with you on the best course of action going forward.


To demonstrate our good, safe practice and standards and as members of the Pet Industry Federation and British Dog Grooming Association, we abide by sector specific charters including the Animal Welfare Act (2006) and will always do what's best for your dog no matter what.


Puppy Policy


Your puppy’s first trip to a groomer is the most important grooming visit it will ever have. What happens on that first trip will influence its reaction to grooming for the rest of its life. A positive introduction will help to ensure that your puppy sees the whole grooming process as something to be welcomed rather than something to be feared.


On that first trip your puppy will be encountering new situations and experiences which, if not handled correctly, can make that first trip a less than positive encounter. Your puppy will be in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people and encountering sights and sounds that it has never met before. My job is to make those encounters positive ones and show your pup that grooming is something to be enjoyed.


Some puppies won’t have been bathed before coming to visit me and that in its self can be a scary process but I take it very slowly and make sure your puppy isn’t overwhelmed by its first bath. Your puppy will then need to be dried and this is done using a drier – the noise of the drier and the blasts of warm air it emits  are again introduced slowly and carefully with the process taking longer than it would for a dog that is used to having a professional groom. Your puppy needs to enjoy this process not be frightened by it.


When it comes to trimming the coat I will be dealing with a wriggly, inquisitive puppy that just has to investigate anything and everything around it because that’s what puppies do. Grooming scissors are very sharp and your puppy is very wriggly and has already encountered a lot of strange and different situations during its visit so that first trim will only be a short introduction to what will eventually become a full trim over the course of the next few visits.

Nails will need to be trimmed and again this takes time and patience, a mistake at this point would mean your puppy might find the whole experience of nail cutting a huge issue for the rest of its life. So the nail cutting process for your puppy will take far longer than cutting the nails of a dog that has already learnt it has nothing to fear by having its nails cut.  Teeth will be inspected along with ears and eyes and every time I touch your puppy it has to feel that inspection and touch is a welcome one.


When you collect your puppy its coat may not look as trimmed as you had envisaged it would but this is because I stop tidying and trimming at the point where I can see your puppy has become tired or has reached its limit with new experiences. I will of course ensure your pup leaves my grooming salon looking presentable and tidy but even more importantly your dog will leave my care having had a positive, enriching experience and having received the best care possible. The aim of that very first visit is not to end up with an immaculately groomed puppy but to have been introduced to a lot of new experiences, to have found those experiences to be good ones and for your puppy to walk through my door at its next visit with confidence and a wagging tail.


A full groom is worked up to slowly and with great care. Your dog will need to be groomed for the rest of its life and not only is my job making your dog’s appearance the best it can be  but also to ensure your dog’s experience is as stress free and positive as it can possibly be.



I am passionate about education and training and am a proud member of the Groomers Spotlight. Find out more.

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